Al Nass Work Party 2009

Supporting the Nazareth Hospital EMMS

"We work hard with our own hands" 1 Corinthians 4:12

Following the success of last year’s event, we are now delighted to invite you to come and join us for the 2009 Work Party.

Leaving on Saturday the 4th July, we plan to put in two full weeks of stimulating work before returning on the 18th.

Carpenters, plasterers, plumbers & electricians are some of the skills we are looking for. Painting also features prominently on Work Parties. So if you are a dab hand at using a paintbrush and you come with a willing heart . . . . . . you will be a valuable asset


General renovation, details to follow


Hospital compound flats.

The dual emphases of each aspect of the program are to support the work of the hospital and get to know the staff.

Please do download a Flyer or Poster (pdf format)
- simply click on the following links:

We are looking for 25 to 30 enthusiastic volunteers to travel out to Nazareth in the midsummer heat of July

Work & live at the Hospital for a fortnight!

  • Meet the staff & share in their daily lives.
  • Enjoy the fellowship of friends new and old.
  • Explore Nazareth, the town Jesus knew so well.
  • Contribute in a real way to the work of the Hospital.

Comments from last year . . .

“it was an amazingly successful first UK workgroup”

“We were so pleased with all the work and the whole group. . We are already looking forward to next year!”

“I enjoyed the times of worship and the fellowship we shared. . the memorable communion service at sunset at the Gate of the Winds with the lights of Nazareth twinkling in the distance. Wow!”

“My memories are of the tremendous hospitality we received. . We all thought we would lose pounds sweating over books, painting, scrubbing, hammering, plastering, etc. but the delicious food was all so tempting. . . .”

Why not join us for the
Al Nass Work Party 2009

When: 4th till 18th July 2009

concessionary rates are being considered

We leave from Heathrow with BMI, however, why not be an ‘early bird’; book before April to get your domestic flight connection included in the package.

Time is short & places are limited so hurry to e-mail David and ask for an application form to participate in the . . .

2nd Al Nass Work Party to Nazareth!

Al Nass is the UK friends of
the people (al nass) serving at the
Nazareth Hospital and its School of Nursing

Contact David Woodhead for further details about the Al Nass Work Party 2009